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Tambo, Lipa City


What are the on-going developments at the site?
The planning for Avida Settings Lipa is complete and land development is targeted to start by 2nd Quarter of 2016.

Is the are prone to flooding?
Extensive technical due diligence and careful planning were undertaken to ensure that the development is flood free. s

Is Lipa Batangas safe during typhoons?
Lipa is situated in a valley between Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot, guarding the said city during typhoons.

Will the proximity to STAR Toll be a cause for concern in terms of noise? 
Avida Settings Lipa has been carefully planned, taking into possible noise  implications from its location. The project will have a 3 meter easement located along the perimeter of STAR Toll to ensure the reduction of noise. 

How many entrance and exit points does as Lipa have, and where are these located?
The project has one main entrance and exit point, located along JP Laurel Highway. 

Are there piggeries or poultry farms nearby?
There is one farm nearby but the operation of all piggeries in Lipa will stop by 2017. The project, however, has been carefully planned to minimize any odor coming from the said farm.